Mini Green Tennis Machines

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Tired of tennis balls losing bounce before the felt is worn out? We sure were! That’s why we invented the first commercially proven technology to repressurize tennis balls – now we’ve shrunk it for smaller, personal size units.

Now the same tennis ball re-pressurizing technology used at hundreds of the premier tennis facilities across the US is available to individual pros and enthusiasts. This product includes everything you need to get started including the Mini GTM, pressurizing system, an optional filled gas cylinder shipped to your door! And it works on Quickstart (Red, Orange, Green) balls. Keeps good balls at proper bounce indefinitely.

A Mini Green Tennis Machine is the cure for anyone who doesn’t want to practice with ‘dead balls’!! Examples are independent tennis pros, tennis academies, ball machine owners, high school coaches, youth program coordinators, or any tennis enthusiasts practicing their shots. If you own a ball machine (Playmate, Sports Tutor, etc), adding a Mini Green Tennis Machine to your arsenal is a NO-BRAINER! Stop practicing with dead balls or heavy ‘pressureless’ tennis balls. Simply reuse your old tennis balls and save your money and the planet.

Want to help us Recycle Tennis Balls?

Go to to see how we’ve partnered with Laykold & Ace Surfaces to incorporate tennis balls into tennis courts! The first solution by industry leaders.

What Happens to the Old Tennis Balls?

Sustainable Tennis Courts Made from Recycled Tennis Balls by reBounces
Up to 10,000 tennis balls can be recycled and incorporated into a Laykold Masters cushioned court surface. These high performance tennis courts can be part of a new construction project or an overlay for existing, cracked tennis courts. You can learn more about the courts here or watch this video:

Quick Tennis Recycling Fact:

Rebounces began the First National Tennis Ball Recycling Campaign in 2008!! We are the industry leader in “Eco Tennis”. There have been numerous individuals and clubs that have packed 1,000s boxes of tennis balls for recycling. We continue to offer free tennis ball recycling for anyone in North America that wants to send us tennis balls. Join us and begin your tennis ball recycling journey today.




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Leading Sustainable Tennis Initiatives in the US, Rebounces has developed, patented and markets the first and only commercially viable Tennis Ball Pressurizer Machine.  reBounces has developed, patented and sold the first cost effective, bulk Tennis Ball Pressurizer Machine that brings the bounce back to old tennis balls embodied in a tennis ball repressurizer machine — the Green Tennis Machine – thus extending the life of the ball several times after first loss of bounce. The Green Tennis Machine puts the bounce back into all balls – QuickStart, Traditional & Ball Machine Balls. Every ball in your teaching baskets will have a proper ‘out of the can’ bounce and can be put back out on the practice courts until the felt is no longer suitable for your client experience. From high-end country clubs to high school programs, every coach is finding ways to successfully implement GTMs across the country. Tennis Balls are a significant cost to your programming budgets each year. Prior to owning a Tennis Ball Pressurizer Machine, our clients annual spending ranged from $1,000 to $25,000+ per year on practice/programming balls. Rebounces Tennis Ball Pressurizer Machine eliminate dead balls — in fact we simply put the bounce back in them. Recycle Tennis Balls. Want to Recycle Tennis balls? Join the nationwide effort and recycle your old tennis balls! Its as easy as 1 – 2 – 3… 1 – Send us the following information in the description field of our contact form OR email recycle at Be sure to include your name AND shipping address. 2 – Include the number of balls per box OR the weight of each box you are sending….MUST be more than 200 balls per box!