Doylestown Tennis Club Goes from Buying 60 cases to Zero

Doylestown Tennis Club Buys Zero Practice Balls

Jim Klein, Tennis Director, at Doylestown Tennis Club received one of our first GTM150 models in July of 2012.  A year later the results were in… Jim and his team have completely eliminated 60 cases (over $3,000) of practice balls!! Jim is a Top Rated Certified USPTA Pro with a degree in Science of Tennis Instruction from Tyler Junior College and studied under Vic Braden.

A full transcript of the testimonial from Jim Klien at Doylestown Tennis Club:

Hi, this is Jim Klein from Doylestown Tennis Club. I’m the Director of Tennis here. I’ve using the reBounce machine for a little over a year now.

We’ve completely stopped using or having to buy regular balls, we are only using the reBounce balls. We’ve saved a ton of money, we usually probably do about 60 cases of balls a year, and right now we are down to zero extra cases of balls a year, and loving the machine.

These balls are regular balls. Our members have no difference whatsoever. We use them for the QuickStart program as well. We have set up a recycling center in our building downstairs. So, members are supplying us with our balls, we just recycle them, put them into the teaching program, and we have had great success.

So the money that we have been able to save, with using the reBounce machine, we are being able to put back into the club, back into the programs that we run. So, it’s been a great success for us.

We’ve operated a simple system on changing the balls over. We do it 2 times a week, keep the balls in the machine for about 3 days. As the balls come out of the machine, we are putting new balls into the machine.

Our system is just to take the balls from the basket, put them on the bottom of the basket, and towards the end of the week, the balls that we have identified that need to be put back in the machine, they are already at the bottom of the basket. The pros are constantly changing them over. So, between all the pros, myself using the machine, we have got a great system. Everything works really well.