Knoxville Racquet Club

Knoxville Racquet Club Discusses Free Court Supplies!

Practice Tennis Balls can Pay for Court Equipment.

Scott Patrick is the Director of Tennis at Knoxville Racquet Club.  He was kind enough to shoot this unpaid video testimonial discussing the court equipment he purchases with his practice tennis ball savings.

A full transcript of the video is here:

I am the General Manager here at the Knoxville Racquet Club. We have had the reBounces Green Tennis Machin for a year now. Prior to us having that we were spending $5,500 a year on balls for our teaching carts. As of now we are spending zero.

We run about 6 large tournaments with our leagues. People contribute balls to our program, and we are able to keep a higher quality of balls in the teaching court and spending zero. That frees up roughly $5,000 a year, for us to put back into the courts —  whether it will be wind screens, resurfacing the clay or set the money to re-line or repaint the hard courts.

So, it has been a huge success for us. With the minimum investment, we have been blessed to have years and years of $5,000 back into our budget. So, we are ecstatic about the reBounce Green Tennis Machine