Paul Annacone on the Green Tennis Machine and the Future of Tennis

Paul Annacone discusses the Green Tennis Machine

Paul Annacone was kind enough to take a moment and give us his thoughts about the Green Tennis Machine and the impact it can have on the game of tennis.

The transcript for the unpaid Paul Annacone video is here:

Hi, I’m Paul Annacone. There are always new inventions and new creation in the game of tennis. [These inventions] make it much more fun for us to play, but the biggest thing is accessibility and keeping people in the game.

The Green Tennis Machine is one of the new inventions that will be out coming your way soon. It will be around clubs and it can be a vital catalyst to us playing longer and much more easily.

So, let us be environmentally friendly, as the Green Tennis Machine is, let’s get kids in the game and let’s notice how many of the Green Machines pop up in our neighborhood tennis clubs, and all tennis clubs around the country and the world.

Paul Annacone Career Highlights

(in case you lived under a rock for 30 years or were born yesterday)

  • Coach of Roger Federer (No. 1 and 17 grand slam titles)
  • Coach of Pete Sampras (No. 1 and 14 grand slam titles)
  • Coach of Tim Henman
  • Number 12 in the World Singles Players
  • Paul Annacone had Wins over no. 1s John McEnroe, Stefan Edberg, Jim Courier, Pete Sampras, and Mats Wilander
  • Paul Annacone had Wins over Johan Kriek, Miloslav Mecir, Andres Gomez, Kevin Curren. Brad Gilbert, Henri Leconte , Michael Chang, and Petr Korda
  • Intercollegiate Tennis Association player of the year
  • All-SEC
  • 3 x All-American
  • 3 ATP Singles titles
  • 14 ATP Doubles Titles
  • Managing Director of the United States Tennis Association High Performance Program
  • Great Britain Davis Cup team coach
  • Lawn Tennis Association’s Head Coach of Men’s Tennis
  • Coach Jim Verdieck Touring Pro Coach of the Year 2007
  • Australian Open Doubles Champion
  • US Open Doubles Finalist Paul Annacone

Recycle Tennis Balls On-site

Recycle Tennis Balls with Rebounces Green Tennis Machines

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