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GTM60 Rebounces 60 Ball Green Machine

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Get a 60 Ball Green Machine for only $449!

Tired of tennis balls losing bounce before the felt is worn out? We sure were! That’s why we invented the first commercially proven technology to repressurize tennis balls – now we’ve shrunk it for smaller, personal size units.

Our list of clients includes leaders across the tennis spectrum nationwide – public and private, small and large facilities alike. See actual client testimonials by clicking Unpaid Client Testimonials.

Product Description

60 Ball Green Machine

The GTM60 is currently our smallest Mini Green Machine and is ideal for high school tennis coaches, smaller tennis programs, or active individual pros. The GTM60 can re-pressurize 60+ balls twice a week, approximately two cases.

Who should get a 60 Ball Green Machine?

The Mini Green Machine is the cure for anyone who doesn’t want to practice with ‘dead balls’!! Examples are independent tennis pros, tennis academies, ball machine owners, high school coaches, youth program coordinators, or any tennis enthusiasts practicing their shots. If you own a ball machine (Playmate, Sports Tutor, etc), adding a 60 Ball Green Machine to your arsenal is a NO-BRAINER! Stop practicing with dead balls or heavy ‘pressureless’ tennis balls. Simply reuse your old tennis balls and save your money and the planet.

Where can I purchase a 60 Ball Green Machine?


We ship these units anywhere in the world.

What Tennis Balls Can I Repressurize in a 60 Ball Green Machine?

Utilizing our revolutionary reBounces technology, you can now restore dead balls back to their original bounce. The Green Tennis Machine extends the life of your practice balls and reduces waste that goes to landfills. On average our commercial clients save over 50% on their practice ball budgets and are finding that they can cut back on purchasing enough new tennis balls to more than pay for their Green Tennis Machines. And with our various financing options, they are not having to make a capital investment.

From traditional brands like Wilson, Head, Penn, or Dunlop to padel balls (common in Spain). We find that the better quality balls (typically higher price = higher quality) the better the results of the ball coming out of the Green Tennis Machine. Makes sense right? We’re not fixing the rubber or felt quality, but just putting the bounce back in the old ball.   We even have formulas for youth “red, orange and green” balls.

Our list of clients includes leaders across the tennis spectrum nationwide – public and private, small and large facilities alike. See actual client testimonials by clicking Unpaid Client Testimonials.

Let us show you how we can save you money and improve your ball consistency.