ACE Tennis Academy Goes Green

ACE Tennis Academy Goes Green & Saves Big

We were recently in Atlanta as a sponsor of the USPTA Southern Conference Welcome Party. We met with Jeff Weaver, owner of the highly acclaimed Ace Tennis Academy, to discuss the impact his Green Tennis Machine has on all their academy programming.  The words “no brainer” and “amazing” were used a lot!  If you haven’t heard of ACE Tennis Academy this is a good statistic for you: Over 95% of ACE Tennis Academy graduates have gone on to play college tennis!

The complete transcript of the Jeff Weaver Ace Tennis Academy unpaid testimonial:

Yeah it works well, there’s not a second that we don’t have our Green Tennis Machine full. We have saved more than $10,000 in the last year. That’s incorporating the pricing of the machine. It was over $12,000 and now we’re [spending] about under $1,000 for the year for balls.
It’s simple to use. It’s just metal. You screw it on, screw it off and hook a hose up, that’s it. The pros are good with it. We’re good with it. There’s not a second of the day that we don’t have it full.

Jeff Weaver I own ACE Tennis Academy in Peachtree Corners, Georgia. We have around 100 kids that are competitive players and another 100 that are working their way up. Then we’ve got 15 to 16 adults alter teams. USTA teams in season each season. So that’s close to 100 teams year out.

Yes, I haven’t bought QuickStart Balls. I have bought them once and we recharge them every month. Takes about 15 minutes for about 10 carts. But we do it together.

ACE Tennis Academy has been a top producer of junior tennis players since 1994. ACE Tennis Academy players have won over 35 national titles including 12 Gold Balls (National Championships). Over 95% of ACE Academy’s graduates have gone on to play college tennis!!!