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Eric Korita helps Rebounces Lead the Game

Since, 2008 reBounces has been a leader in green tennis technology. The patented Green Tennis Machine process is a bulk tennis ball re-pressurization system that allows tennis facilities to extend the life of their practice balls and increase their bottom line. reBounces is also the first and only company to offer a free tennis ball recycling program for facilities and individuals in the continental United States who need to dispose of tennis balls responsibly.

reBounces is the brainchild of company founder Bill Dirst. A decade ago, while volunteering as a high school tennis coach, Bill began exploring different methods of recharging lifeless tennis balls. With the technology perfected and patented, reBounces is bringing their offering to the masses – the aptly named “Green Tennis Machine.” Every tennis player has experienced the pain of throwing tennis balls away after a few hours of use. reBounces is determined to make this pain a thing of the past by launching a national tennis ball recycling initiative while helping grow the game.

Co-founders Grant Garland and Cannon Fletcher join former ATP pro Eric Korita and retired wildlife officer Randy Bunch in rounding out the team. You can contact any one of them by their first name followed by @rebounces.com or click here to go to the Contact Us form.

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