Another Dallas-area Testimonial

Spoke with new Green Tennis Machine owner David Redding at Northwood Club today and he had this to say about their experience:

“Northwood Club is proud to be a part of the growing number of clubs that are going green. Our Green Tennis Machine allows us to have fresh tennis balls in each of our six pro’s teaching carts and both of our ball machines on a constant and ongoing basis at a much lower cost. We expect that the money we save from not buying as many new teaching balls will allow us to pay for the machine within the first year. The environment is happy, the pros are happy, the members are happy, and the club is happy. It’s a beautiful thing.”

David Redding
Director of Tennis
Northwood Cub
Dallas, TX
Another interesting fact is that the 1952 US Open (for golf… not tennis) was hosted at Northwood Club.

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