Let’s go Blake Strode!!

Blake Strode, Tennis All-American and reBounces team memberreBounces has sponsored Blake for the past year and couldn’t be happier to help such a wonderful young man as he makes his way on the ATP Tour.  Blake is a former Razorback All-American when he studied at the University of Arkansas … yes studied, he had a 3.976 (yes just one or two ‘Bs’ in four years of university) with a double major no less AND is currently deferring Harvard Law!  To the adults that are reading this — hopefully all our kids will grow up and be as talented as Blake on one area of their life yet alone two or three.

Blake is playing in the Finals of the US Open National Playoff – vying for a Wild Card into the US Open Qualifying Draw, which is a $1 million dollar tournament for one of 16 direct entries into the US Open.  Got that… win 6 matches in your USTA sectional, then win 4 matches at the National Playoff, then win 3 matches and you get to be in the first round of the US OPEN!!!  9 down and only 4 more to go for Blake to make history.

Blake won the National Playoff last year and made it within a two matches of the US Open main draw.  This year, Blake has won 2 Futures tournaments and went to the Quarters of another Challenger.  He will be ranked around 400 in the world next week and hopefully will be chasing his dream again in the Big Apple.

Good Luck today Blake and hopefully we’ll see you in NYC in a few days.

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