Congrats Sam Querrey & Hello

It was quite a match on Sunday! Sam pushed Nadal to the limits for two sets. I mean this is the same Sam we watched in St Louis as a teammate of the WTT Aces get pushed to a tie-breaker versus Dusan Vemic. Once he gets more comfortable serve and following to the net, watch out… he should win some tournaments.

I would like to say thanks to Bill for mentioning this crazy idea (Rebounces) to me while we were in grad school. It has been a long and winding road and there are still miles to go.

We hope you will join us in greening the game of tennis. While there have been a lot of steps taken in the past 12 months, we feel no one is focusing on tennis balls and with your help we can extend the life of balls four or five times. Replay, Reuse, Recycle – that is the true way to green and/or change tennis.

You can reach me directly via Linkedin if you would like to discuss a potential business venture with Rebounces.