Ken-Caryl Ranch

Three cheers for Judy Anderson and the team at Ken-Caryl Ranch located just south west of Denver, Colorado — they are the first to utilize the Green Tennis Machine with “high altitude” tennis balls.  In case you’ve been wondering, a high altitude tennis ball has lower pressure than a standard tennis ball.  Judy was kind enough to give us this quick testimonial:

reBounces Green Tennis MachineKen-Caryl Ranch has been implementing sustainable practices for many years now from retrofitting light bulbs to recycling old used tennis shoes and was excited when approached by reBounces to be the first in the state of Colorado (high altitude) to try the Green Tennis Machine. We were a little skeptical about the ability to revitalize used tennis balls but after a few trial runs to dial in the correct amount of time we decided immediately that we had to have one. We call our Green Tennis Machine “Raji” (taken from Green Bay Packers nose tackle) and it is easy to use and has become an important part of our program. We are able to provide balls for lessons that have a consistent bounce while keeping them out of landfills and with a substantial savings to our budget. Not only do the balls not go to landfills but also the number of empty cans are reduced tremendously. Every club should be using a Green Machine.

There you have it… putting the bounce back in your balls, consistent bounce for lessons and reducing landfill waste from tennis balls and tennis cans.


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