Quick Recycling Story

Tennis Balls to Recycle with Rebounces

Chita Hunter called our office a few weeks back and asked for shipping labels ASAP.  As our tennis ball recycling program has grown, we receive a lot of requests for shipping labels, however we don’t always get balls timely if ever from a few of the requests.

Chita sent the tennis balls that same day and then went on to write a great story about it on her blog … http://paragonlifeblog.com/2011/10/20/my-little-difference/

“… Calling Rebounces, I had a wonderful conversation with Grant. Relaying that there were over 900 tennis balls, donated by tennis players supporting my recycling efforts, sitting in the back of my car, that I wanted to ship to him, ASAP.

Grant was so kind to expedite shipping labels to me by email and within an hour of my conversation with Grant, the tennis balls were off to the Rebounces recycling facility.

During our conversation Grant stated that as Rebounces got more into the collection and recycling of tennis balls, they discovered what a tremendous issue it was, that so much more was needed…”

Thanks to Chita and her tennis friends for recycling tennis balls in Michigan!

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