reBounces Names New VP of Sales: Former Top 40 Player Eric Korita

Why am I digging up old magazines photos from the 80s and posting them on our blog? Well, the main reason is to announce that Eric Korita (yes, that’s him in the photo advertising the Prince Boron Racquet) has joined the Rebounces’ family and is now our VP of Sales. The other reason for the old photo? Has anyone ever seen Eric slow down long enough to snap anything but a blurry picture? If so, please send it my way and I’ll post it on the site.

Eric’s professional playing career spanned most of the 80’s and he was armed with arguably the most powerful serve on the tour at the time (only 140+ mph back in the day!) After 2 years at the Bollettieri Academy, Eric went on to win All-American honors at SMU under the tutelage of Dennis Ralston. While reaching the top 50 in singles and top 30 in doubles (partners include a few people you might have heard of like Brad Gilbert, Paul Annacone, Jimmy Arias, and Jonny Levine), Korita appeared in the semi finals of the French Open and quarter finals of the US Open. Since leaving the tour, Eric has spent the last 20 plus years as general manager and director of tennis at both public and private tennis facilities across the country. Needless to say, we’re thrilled to welcome Eric and his family to reBounces, and I’m hoping to get a few pointers on my game as well.

Eric and Grant will be on the road during December lugging around a Green Tennis Machine. If they’re in your area, I hope you get the chance to meet them and learn a little more about the GTM:

New Jersey/New York – 11/30 – 12/10 – Justin Gimelstob Charity Event – Opening for Pearl Jam and Bob Marley

Naples, Florida – 12/10 – 12/19 – ITA Conference

Feel free to drop either of them at line [email protected] or [email protected].

Also – Just a little side note. Be sure to check out the BNP Paribas Open website ( and check the cool recycling things we’ve got happening at this year’s tournament.

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