U.S. Open ’09 / A Little of Everything

What a ride! Tennis fans got a little of everything out of this event. Congratulations to (fairly) newcomer Melanie Oudin. Got to give it to the 17-year-old for keeping her head down and getting the job done. Lord knows I have a hard enough time concentrating when someone forgets to dim their high beams. This girl saw more flash bulbs in 2 weeks than Maria Sharapova sees in a day.

How about Serena? Tough spot. I’ve been that mad before – many times. Not pleasant for spectators (or linespersons) but most athletes appreciate the intensity of the moment. At least that’s how I remember my parents trying to to explain it to our club pro back in the day.

Kim Clijsters! She’s going to be on every maternal magazine cover from here to the Barbary Coast. A really big congrats to her and her family. A baby girl and a U.S. Open – wonderful. I remember Evonne Goolagong winning Wimbledon back in ’77 and I will never forget my mother’s reaction – “That is one of the greatest things in sports I have ever seen; however, she wouldn’t be doing that if she had 4 boys like me!”

Rafa – Kudos my man! If any of you have ever pulled all the muscles in your thoracic region you have to marvel at the Mallorcan Marauder what was able to achieve. I’m not talking about that week you had that really bad cold and you sneezed way too hard – one too many times. I’m talking about pain like you see in Die Hard (I – X) when Bruce Willis is hanging by his thumbs with electrical devices connected to multiple parts of his person. Oh yeah. Did I mention Rafa’s knees? Not so great. The boy could have knees designed by God’s personal orthopedist but if you cannot turn on a first serve how far do you think you are going to advance in the U.S. Open – how about the semifinals! Absolutely Amazing.

Roger – Another remarkable run. I have to admit that Bill ( CEO Rebounces and new father ) and I were questioning whether the Federer twins developed a nasty case of cholic the night before the finals: sleep deprivation is a beast. But less than 50% first serve in the finals of the U.S. Open? . . . I’ve always heard that a Swiss bank account was a good thing to have. Just jokin’. Keep the fire boy – this is when it should get interesting for you.

Juan, Juan, Jaun Martin Del Potro! Maybe they could find this guy’s birth certificate with the President’s. 20? I thought you had to be at least 25 to have a license for those ground strokes. What an advantage that height must be when ripping over that forehand. The young man’s court behaviour is a bit hard to describe but when the chips were down he came out on top – easily – against Roger Federer. I’m officially a fan. Just do me a favor and don’t start wearing all black like Guillermo. And, next time don’t be so courteous when Dick Enberg tries to hog the mic and not let you say hello to your countrymen in your own language! Did you see Kanye West/Taylor Swift? Something like that except you don’t have to apologize.

Great to see the Open getting serious about their recycling effort. We hope all of you will do the same in your personal/business lives. I’m not saying sell all your worldly possessions and move into the nearest tree (although that does sound challenging.) We just hope people will take the time to think twice about what it is that they are doing or not doing. Not just in regard to recycling, but in all manner of life.

OK then people! Summer has drawn to a close so we know that there are a ton of balls out there just waiting to be Rebounced. Whether you are interested in having them Recharged or simply need an easy, free way to dispose of them properly, please contact us so we can help.

Thank you and welcome to all of our existing and new clients for joining the cause.

I would be remiss in not saying that it is now football season. GO HOGS!

Grant Garland / Rebounces.com