Universal Tennis Academy

Universal Tennis Academy

Thanks again to the Universal Tennis Academy in Atlanta for taking the plunge earlier this year when they bought a Green Tennis Machine.  We recently caught up with Tim Noonan and here is what he has to say —

“The Green Tennis Machine is the most significant product to hit the tennis world in years. As academy owners we see the substantial financial commitment we make to keep quality tennis balls in our teaching carts.  The Green Tennis Machine ensures that every ball that we feed bounces, and the savings we gain from having multiple cycles with our balls has been tremendous. In addition to our benefits, reBounces really strives to keep old balls out of our landfills.  It is good for the sport and good for the planet, and that’s a winning combination!”

Tim Noonan, David Drew, David Stolle, and Patti O’Reilly

This is humbling considering there are 130+ Collegiate Players that UTA has produced and they run programming at seven locations across the metro area including The Bitsy Grant Tennis Center.

More information about the Universal Tennis Academy in Atlanta can be found here: www.utatennis.com

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