Brand New Year

Happy New Year everyone! Rebounces is gearing up for ’09. We greatly appreciate the enthusiasm ( and orders! ) from the tennis community at large. The overall economic climate is a bit daunting but we are doing our part to keep tennis in the black. Since adding our custom recharging service, sales have picked up dramatically. We think it is great that tennis instructors are serious about quality control of their practice balls. So whether you want your own balls recharged or you need to pull from our inventory, we want to help.

I want to send a shout out to my Aussie friends down under and wish them good luck with the tournament this year. It’s not Pearl Jam & Kings of Leon ( inside joke ) but I am sure it will be a good time as well. I wonder if Federer & Vedder would make a good doubles team. We’ll try to make it down again next year!

We will be making some updates to the website soon so please tune in. If you haven’t tried our balls yet please call or email about our demo program.

New Years Resolutions:

– perfect my imperfect one-handed topspin backhand

– remember how to take a divot with my short irons

– teach Bill how to play ping pong so that we can have competitive matches

– have Bill teach me how to throw darts so that we can have competitive matches

– make Rebounces a household name ( or at least a pro shop one )

– Oh yeah, find the perfect woman, achieve world peace and become the master of time, space & dimension.

Happy New Year and let’s make it a great one!

Grant Garland