Kudos Boys! AUS ’09

Wow! I remember why I love tennis. It’s not the comradery, it’s not the exercise, it’s not the short skirts ( OK, it’s partially the short skirts ). I set my alarm for 2:30 a.m. last night/this morning – it was worth it! If you didn’t see the Nadal/Verdasco match, you don’t know what you missed. I knew it was going to be great but I never imagined 5 hours 15 minutes of prize fighting with fuzzy, yellow balls! I don’t cry over chick flicks but when 2 countrymen lay it all on the line like that it is difficult not to get misty. Usually when I am screaming as the sun comes up it’s due to my somnambulistic nature but this time I was wide awake. I swear, if I knew the words/tune to the Spanish national anthem I would have belted it out so loud the neighbors would have called the police. Watch out world – it is no longer the Big 4. Welcome to the show Fernando Verdasco!!!!!!!!!!!!